Tips to prevent cellphone thief

Hard to believe that mobile phones have only been around for about 20 years, because so much of our lives are stored on them today. Smartphone is a gadget that most of us can not leave home without, which is why it's so frustrating to have your stolen.

List price of high-end smartphones like the Apple iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy can be around $ 600, so it is not surprising that the devices are targeted by thieves. In 2012, 30% of all robberies in the Los Angeles area involved theft of phones. Phones accounted for 40% of robbery in New York City. In San Francisco, the figure was almost halved, with many crimes that occur on transit lines.

Do not be afraid because there are some easy things you can do to keep your phone safe.

Problem of mobile phone theft has become so serious that Americans now spend $ 30 billion per year replacing lost or stolen phone. A coalition of state attorneys general, district attorneys and police officials have been looking into some of the pressing issues and smartphone makers to create technologies that will reduce the number of robberies involving the device.

Yes, this news is pretty bleak, but there are several things owners can do to curb cell phone is likely to have been kidnapped by criminals of their devices, and reduce the damage if you become a victim of theft.

Record your data.
As soon as you get a new device, record all the details about it, including phone number, IMEI, make, model, PIN or security code and other numbers used to identify the phone. Store this information in a place away from the phone, like on your desk in the entry box

Register your phone with your carrier.
Once again, do this as soon as you buy the phone. Then if it gets stolen, report it ASAP. The carrier can block your phone and account details so the thief will not be able to use the phone, even if the SIM card is replaced. If you have to do this, record all the information about the call in the case of the thief using the phone for fraudulent activity before the operator has the opportunity to turn it off. You also have to disable your current number. While the operator you can be your ally in finding a lost cell phone, you may find yourself locked in a legal battle with the company over allegations made to the device, so that documents everything.

Mark it as your own.
With ultraviolet pen, marking both the exterior of the handset and battery with alternate phone number, email address and street number. These signs can be used to ID your phone and get back to you in case of theft. Redo when the ink runs out.

Keep your phone in a safe place.
Although there is no place you can hide the phone will be completely safe, some are better than others. Some places are too vulnerable is outside backpack pocket, back pocket or front pocket of a jacket. A better place for the phone in the zippered compartment of the purse or jacket pocket.

Lock your phone.
If the thief does not get your phone, it will not do him any good if he can not turn it on or access the information on your SIM card without a password.

Do not let your phone out of your sight.
And do not put it down. Every week I read about the theft in the area I involve people who leave their cell phones on the table in a club or restaurant. Why make life easier for

The first group is a good starting tips to prevent theft, but there are more important things you can do to keep your phone safe.

Keep reading to see more tips to prevent your phone from being snatched as well as suggestions on what to do in case a thief gets his hands really your mobile phone.


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